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It has been almost two years into a disquieting global crysis, and as dark and bleak perspectives open up to our eyes, we warily enter a new era of unimagined fears, medical pioneering and new bureaucracy.

Living in a time that generations before ours have called THE Future, we have to face the fact that our days are very far from that utopic ideal; there’s no bright future, only a shrinking present, slowly corroding itself into an embarassing past.

We dreamed of jetpacks and space travels, alien encounters and galactic empires, only to wake up to a new millennium of medieval nightmares: plagues, conflicts, climatic disasters, discrimination, cyber-dictatorship and anti-scientific obscurantism.

What will be expecting post-humanity in the next decades or centuries? We surely don’t know, but we’d like to invite you to a reflection on the dead-and-gone and the still-possible-futures, on contemporary nightmares and future dark ages, on glorious retró techno-epos and brutal pasts we would rather cancel.

Das.Kabinett wants your contribution for an art exhibition and kindly invites you to produce one or more pictures for the show. We need you to stick to an A3 format, on paper or other easy-to-frame support, to facilitate the exposition of all the works. All media are allowed, as long as the final work comes in A3 size. Do what you love, we hope you have fun working on it, we’re inviting you because we like what you do.

The theme we have chosen is science-fiction; not only as in space conquest, scientific advancments and the evolution of the human race, but more like in galactic war and interplanetary fascism, renegade replicants and cyber-police, big brothers and nano-bots, all-powerful artificial intelligence and time-travelling killer cyborgs, nuclear winters and post-bomb wastelands, simulated realities and generally speaking, the end of the world as we know it.

In one word: Dystopia, a New Dark Age

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